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The real estate analysis

Published by Sharon Bosire

The real estate analysis

In the age of the internet, marketing your real estate business has never been easier! If done right, a blog about real estate can boost property sales and establish you as an industry expert.

However, it can be quite difficult to come up with new, interesting topics for your real estate blog, especially if you’re aiming to consistently release high-quality content. You’ll need to find topics that work specifically for your business, so if it feels unnatural, don’t write about it!

A key thing to remember is that you shouldn’t aim too high. Create content about topics that you’re well-versed in, instead of trying to appeal to every possible target audience. This means that you should avoid giving legal or financial advice, for example, unless that’s something that you also specialize in.

Hint: Need a little inspiration from your ‘competition’? Check out our top 4 real estate blogs to see how it blogging should be done.

That being said, here are some clever and interesting ideas for your real estate blog that potential clients will be sure to love!

Let’s start with our top 20 real estate blog ideas

  1. Local Area Properties

This is the best way to begin establishing yourself in the online real estate world. You’ll quickly build a following in your local area by writing about the latest property deals available and any upcoming events.

  1. Luxury Properties

A list of high-end properties available in your local market will generate a lot of traffic to your blog as people love looking at luxury, and it’ll show potential clients that your business meets a certain standard.

  1. Affordable Properties

Now, to actually get your business running, you’ll need to have a range of affordable properties that people will be keen to visit. Make sure these homes are of a relatively high standard though, as you don’t want to be known for selling or renting out run-down properties.

  1. Housing Trends

Talk about how the market is currently doing, what the average mortgage rates are, and if it’s worth buying or selling a house at the moment. These sorts of updates will give your readers a much better understanding of real estate.

  1. Types Of Property Available Locally

This sort of blog post will be especially beneficial for your business if your local area has some unique properties. Whether its retirement communities, waterfront homes, or kid-friendly neighborhoods, you’ll definitely find a target audience.

  1. Client Testimonials

Contact some of your past clients and ask them to talk about why they chose you and what services they needed. Potential clients will use this to decide whether you’re trustworthy.

  1. FAQs For First-Time Buyers

As the title suggests, here you’ll be answering some of the most commonly asked questions that first-time buyers will have. You can easily find these questions through a quick Google search, or by asking your readers to send in submissions.

  1. How To Know You’re Getting A Good Price

Letting your readers in on buying and selling tips will help build up your reputation as an honest estate agent. Potential clients will have peace of mind that you’re genuinely trying to help them out, rather than get as much money out of them as you can.

  1. Property Tours

This is something you should aim to post at least a couple of times a month. Doing in-depth tours of the homes you’ve got listed will increase traffic to your site substantially, and will increase your chances of getting new clients.

  1. Listing Of The Week

Each week choose a listing that particularly caught your attention for some reason and describe it in detail to your readers. Try to go for unique properties that deserve some more attention to add variety to your blog.

  1. Renting vs Buying – Which Is Better?

Provide your readers with the pros and cons of each option, and try using your listed properties as examples. Don’t push your personal opinion too much, as you’ll want readers to make up their minds on their own.

  1. Celebrity Properties In The Area

If a celebrity has recently moved into the area or is selling their home, write a blog post about it! You’ll be sure to attract new readers and may even find clients that will want to move into the area.

  1. Qualifying For A Home Loan

Don’t tackle this topic unless you’re absolutely sure that you’re providing your readers with the correct information. Explain the process and what will increase their chances of qualifying.


  1. List Of Great Local Businesses

Create a short guide of some local businesses that are in the neighborhood. This will make readers and potential clients feel more attached to the area and may encourage them to consider buying or renting a property there.

  1. Things To Ask Your Estate Agent

Outline the things that you have noticed that people overlook when buying, selling, or renting properties. Giving these tips will make your clients more knowledgeable about their specific situation, and will allow them to make a more informed decision.

  1. Latest Price Reductions

Reporting the latest price reductions for your listings guarantees that they’ll get the attention they deserve. Maybe a reader of yours has been considering a property but was hesitant about the price?

  1. Signs That You Should Sell Your Home Soon

Many people dislike change and try to hold on to things for much too long. Talk about common reasons people need to sell their homes, like an expanding family or better job opportunities elsewhere.

  1. Job Opportunities In The Area

Job opportunities are a huge pull factor for people looking to relocate, so keeping your page updated with the latest local vacancies will really help your business out. Try to find vacancies for a wide range of industries.

  1. Advantages And Disadvantages Of An Open House

Many of your readers may not know the purpose of an open house. Explain this, along with the pros and cons of hosting an open house when selling a property, and be as informative as possible.

  1. Types Of Mortgages

Sum up the most common types of mortgages in this blog post. Like with any financial advice, make sure to do thorough research first, as you want to avoid providing your readers with any information that you’re uncertain about.

Nothing caught your attention? Need more real estate blog ideas? Here’s another 115!

  1. A Day In The Life Of An Estate Agent

Create a sort of diary post, or even record a vlog, and show your readers what being an estate agent involves. Take them to meetings, to house viewings, tell them about the successes and the difficulties.

  1. What Are Credit Scores And Why Are They Important?

Credit scores are usually a hugely influential factor when it comes to deciding if you will rent or sell a property to someone. Explain exactly how and why estate agents use credit scores and give some advice on how to improve them.

  1. Renting Out Your Home

People think that renting out a property is a quick and easy way to earn additional income. While that may be the case, there are many things they’ll need to consider such as local laws and additional taxes they may have to pay.

  1. Local Crime Rates

Be as honest as possible with this one. Everybody wants to feel safe in their neighborhood, and a regular report of local crime can help with that.

  1. Step-By-Step Guide To A Purchase Contract

Do some extensive research and create a guide for people with little to no experience in understanding contracts. This will definitely improve your reputation as it shows that you’re truly here to help, and not to take advantage of the unaware.

  1. Tips On Relocating To A New Neighborhood

Posting some tips about relocating can help potential clients make up their minds about moving to your neighborhood. Bonus points if you include area-specific information, like local laws and tax information.

  1. Local Educational Facilities

It’s very important to have a list of all of the educational facilities in the local area posted on your blog. Families planning to move to your neighborhood will be grateful, as they’ll be able to use this as a guide on whether they chose the right area to live in.

  1. Best Cost Estimator Tools

Buying, selling, and renting properties costs money. So, providing your readers with the best tools for estimating the costs associated with moving homes will help them make better informed decisions.

  1. How I Became An Estate Agent

A lot of your readers will truly be interested in your personal journey to becoming an estate agent. They’ll want to know if you had to complete a specific course or a special degree, and how easy (or difficult!) it was to get into the industry.

  1. Things To Look Out For When Viewing A Property

Some people may make the mistake of rushing into renting or buying a property and only realize later on that there’s something that they dislike or is missing. Make your readers aware of these common mistakes and how to avoid them.

  1. Local Politics

This may seem completely unrelated to real estate but, to some clients, the local politics will make a huge difference in their decision. Not everyone will want to live in a neighborhood that has opposing political views to their personal ones, for example.

  1. Your Rights As A Tenant

As a tenant, it can be sometimes difficult to deal with problematic landlords or ridiculous expectations. Offer some advice on dealing with hardships when you’re a tenant and link your readers to organizations and charities that can help them out.


  1. DIY Home Renovation Tips

Renovating a home can be quite expensive, and not everything needs to be done by a professional, so offer your readers some tips about taking matters into their own hands. Link some DIY-specific blogs if you can.

  1. I Attended A Town Council Meeting – Here’s What I Learned

A town council meeting can provide really useful insights into the property market and can give you a source of information about upcoming property deals in the area. If you’re allowed to, tell your readers what you’ve learned to help them further their understanding of real estate.

  1. How Do Estate Agents Determine Property Prices?

Many people don’t understand what factors into the final price of a property and may feel like your listings are over-priced or under-priced. Explain exactly what information you use to determine a price, and assure your readers that every final decision is based on evidence and years of industry experience.

  1. Signs That You Shouldn’t Sell Your Home Right Now

While this topic may seem obvious, there are many reasons why people sell their homes and later regret it. If you have one, tell your readers a story about a sale that didn’t happen and why it ended up being the right decision for the people involved.

  1. Getting On The Property Ladder As A Student

In the age of student debt and an increasingly competitive property market, getting on the property ladder early in life can seem pretty impossible to young people. Offer some advice about saving up money, being responsible with loans and mortgages, and link any affordable listings you may currently have.

  1. Local Transport Links

Nowadays, many people choose to live a bit further away from their workplace, so having an easy commute is a huge deciding factor when it comes to renting or buying property. Include as much information as you can about the local buses, trains, and alternative modes of transport.

  1. Investing In Properties, The Smart Way

Like with renting, investing in properties can be an easy way to earn an additional income further down the line. Outline what exactly different types of property investments mean and what their pros and cons are, to help your readers make informed decisions.

Note: We’re half way through the top 80 topics. If you’re still scrolling might we suggest you check out our blog management services? From finding topics to creating the content, we’ll supercharge your real estate blog with our captivating content and brilliant blog topic ideas.

  1. Moving Homes When You Own Pets

Finding a pet-friendly property can be incredibly difficult in more urban areas. Link any pet-friendly listings you may have, and try to find local businesses or organizations that can help pet owners with moving homes.

  1. Pros And Cons Of Homeowner Associations

Not many people even know what homeowner associations are, let alone their pros and cons. Make this post as informative and unbiased as possible, and if you have experience in this area, mention that you can offer more in-depth advice on this topic as part of your services.

  1. What Estate Agents Look For In Clients

Telling your potential clients exactly what you’re going to be looking for when planning to sell or rent out a property to them will help both parties avoid any misunderstandings and wasted time.

  1. Is Buying A Fixer-Upper Worth It?

Buying a dirt-cheap home and spending some money to renovate it can seem like a great idea, but many people are unaware of the amount of effort projects like that take. Weigh up the pros and cons of buying a fixer-upper and present them to your readers in an unbiased manner.

  1. Real Estate Trend Predictions

Use your knowledge of the real estate market to predict trends such as changing mortgage rates. You can increase your reader engagement by asking them to make their own predictions in the comments!

  1. What You Need To Know Before Relocating

Knowing in theory how to go about relocating is one thing, but actually going through with it is another. Be honest and warn potential clients about any difficulties that may come with moving to a completely new area, but offer some advice to solve these problems if you can.

  1. All About Foreclosures

While foreclosures may not always be associated with real estate, some of your readers may one day find themselves on either end of a home being seized as collateral for a loan. Outline what it takes to get to that stage in a foreclosure process, and link any organizations that help people out with the real estate side of things. Avoid giving any legal advice without consulting it with an expert.

  1. New Construction Projects In The Area

A large portion of your potential clients will be solely interested in purchasing or renting newly built properties. Keeping them updated on all the latest construction projects in the area will increase the chances of them contacting you to secure a deal with a property that catches their eye.

  1. Personal Resource List

This can be a short one if you mainly use your own knowledge, but it’s always helpful to link your readers to any other real estate blogs or government websites you use to create content. This will build your credibility as a blogger and real estate agent.

  1. Guest Posts

You almost definitely know other real estate agents, so why not invite one of them to create a guest post on your blog? Let them answer questions from your readers, or promote listings from a nearby neighborhood!